June 21, 2010

Yesterday, I went to the art fair in Basel, which was crazy town.

Did not get much pictures because I had to check my camera at the door- I am a sucker for authority, and my imagination didn't permit me to go as far as to smuggle my camera in on my body.

So the majority of my pictures are actually from the train ride there- I missed my train and had to fill the hour I had to wait somehow.

Oh, hello there!

Okay though, highlights of the fair were, for me- 

-Picasso, duh
-Damien Hirst's Anatomy of an Angel 
(as in, holy shit, that thing is so ugly, wtf, I absolutely can not.
if you want to see it, it is here. Absolutely refuse to put it on my blog)
-Some really "wow" Sigmar Polke (R.I.P.) Love that guy, wish he were still around to be my grandpa
-Elizabeth Peyton for $1.28m- you go girl!
-Doug Aitken's "Frontier" with Ed Ruscha- phenomenally presented and executed
-Also in film, "Unspoken Dailies" from Mario Garcia Torres, and "Couple in the Distance" from Marijke Van Warmerdam
- Simon Fujimara's "Welcome to the Hotel Munber"- dystopian Franco dream bar
-Sergio Prego's “Ikurrina Quarter", a seemingly endless white tunnel with a seemingly endless line to enter

Of course there was so much so much so much more to be seen- I just couldn't accomplish it all in the four hours I was there.

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