June 22, 2010

Big news coinciding with bigger.

First off, this is my 100th blog post! Can't believe I stuck with something this trivial for so long!

Second of all,
Well, I am leaving Switzerland. Earlier than expected, but for all the right reasons.
I will be missing out on a Spain trip I was eagerly awaiting, but the prospect of sunshine, cheap food, friends, fourth of july, fireflies, driving in cars, drinking iced tea, and generally enjoying myself this summer at home is too tempting.
All that being said, I am going to Poland for a week today.
This will be my last big trip in Europe in the foreseeable future.
I am a little sad, but I am excited to enjoy myself this last week here.
So to all my friends here, au revoir.
And to all my buds back come, Momma's comin'!

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