March 4, 2010

Geneva Rock Star

Last night, I went with my friend Cheryl to see a band called Shearwater play at L'Usine in Geneva.
It took us a while to get there, but when we finally made, it our eyes were opened to the (very small) indie rock scene genevoise. I had never heard of Shearwater before, but they are signed to Matador and their live show was really something. There was lots of shuffling of instruments and feedback and weird noisemaking, so obviously I couldn't help but like it.
Chatting with the band before and afterwards, I couldn't help but ponder how being American abroad makes talking to strangers much easier- no akward pick-up lines or accidental on purpose bumps. Just a simple, "Hey, are you american?" is enough to get in on a conversation.

P.S. Doesn't the video above remind you of this guy?


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