June 14, 2010

World o'Cheese

This weekend I also took a trip to Gruyeres, which is kind of this Disney version of a Swiss village, and yes, where they make the cheese. It was (apologies) kinda cheesy if you ask me.

Very charming, if a little inauthentic- I'm pretty sure no one actually lives there, and they bus in the various fondue restaurant owners and Swatch sellers.

Oh, also, for some reason they have like, 50 museums. I saw the requisite castle, as well as a Tibetan art museum, and this, the H.R. Giger museum.

I was too cheap to go in, but here is a picture (not mine) of the infamous Giger Bar, which has skeletal vaulted ceilings, weirdo alien chairs, and a disappointingly traditional menu.

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