June 16, 2010

June is for Jarmusch, and he can do little wrong in my book.
(I just rewatched Season 1 of Bored to Death- how weird is it that he's in that?!)
However, this latest work of his, about a mysterious (possibly alien) hitman, was off the mark to say the least. The plot and the dialogue are stale, and whoever decided to make Paz de la Huerta a movie start is outta his mind/ this world, because girlfriend is grating.
But this girl can appreciate some Le Mepris/ Le Samourai references and Hitchcock shout outs, even if the vehicle could be a little more subtle. The sets are impeccably crafted and lit, the camerawork inspiring, and the music dreamy in a post-punk Sirius station way.
Anyway, what does it all matter? The Tilds is in it, so no matter what I may say, you have to watch it.
Screencap time!

Someone stole the Wet and Wild lipliner out of my 6th grade backpack


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