June 1, 2010

Happy Birthday To Me!

Well today is my birthday!
It won't be as exciting as usual since most of my friends and family aren't here, but I find that birthdays get less and  less  exciting as we get older anyway, don't you think?
Listen to me, only 22 and already a cynic.

On a brighter note though, it's been a pretty good year for me. Let's look back on what happened since my last birthday:

I joined, played with, and left an awesome band

I graduated from college with a degree in art history
(so okay, that was in May of last year, but w/e)

I had a cool boyfriend...and then I didn't

I moved back to D.C. and worked the various odd job whilst looking for a real one
(the best? selling jewelry at Eastern Market)

I moved to Switzerland for four months...and counting!
I've visited Greece, France, England, Germany, and Poland

I bought a new car, got a new bike, bought and sold a lot of things I can't remember
I didn't read as many books as I would have liked, but I watched a lot of really great movies,  listened to great songs, and ate tons of wonderful food.

I celebrated my birthday last night seeing Harlem play at the Brasserie du Chateau in Lausanne. A really cool venue filled with probably every single hipster in Switzerland. I enjoyed an amazing glass of homemade whiskey that relished then and regret now. It was a lovely birthday celebration, but a lonely one. I hope my next will be filled with friends and laughter and wine and music.
Hope that's not too much to ask. But hey, here's lookin' at you, 22!

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