May 28, 2010

Pause Cafe

Sunday morning, we ventured to Pause Cafe near the Bastille. It was a bittersweet brunch, as Lori was leaving us to return to her noble homeland, but we dealt with it as best as we could: by eating.

The cafe itself was wonderful, a cheery and bright french bistro a la student bar.

The brunch was fantastic, smoked salmon and creamy scrambled eggs, accompanied by dish after dish of bread, praline spread, fruit salad, yogurt, pancakes, omg, the works.

Unfortunately, no food pictures were taken as I was much too busy photographing the bathroom, with featured a multi-spouted sink not too much unlike that in Harriet the Spy, the movie, starring Michelle Trachtenberg!

I mean, am I right? As I washed my hands I could hear the posh voice of Marion Hawthorne decrying my lack of general hygiene. "Pop off, Marion" I retorted. "That faint wiff of Irish bar and stale Tim-tams you smell ain't nothin' but my favorite cologne, eau de Diana Ballz."

And some landscapes from the surrounding neighborhood.

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