April 14, 2010


Pronounced "Tre-may", as in the New Orleans neighborhood and my new favorite TV show.
I've only seen one episode, but it was a phenomenal one.

Brass bands, smoky clubs, rows of dilapidated houses, conspiracy theories and etouffee- this show is a shameless celebration of New Orleans and a pretty pointed F-you to the rest of American that considers this a damned city. 
( It's also making me regret not taking up a job offer I had there at the beginning of last summer, but let's allow bygones to be bygone)

I'm excited to see where David Simon takes this one. The Wire is a favorite of mine because of the proximity I feel to the city of Baltimore. With Treme, the attraction is quite opposite- I've never been to New Orleans, and so this is, for me, a window into a place far from my thoughts and imagination. Though it is increasingly getting close to my heart.

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