April 26, 2010

My Weekend

I've had a difficult few weeks here in Switzerland. There's been a lot of contemplation of soul-searching, though not much actual searching of the soul, regarding my future, my chosen profession, and my choice to move to New York. This has been accompanied by a fervent nostalgia for Washington D.C.  as well as a yearning to see more of the world before I lock myself into the china cabinet that is Manhattan.

Anyway, this overthinking, or lack-thereof, or who knows what kind of malaise, had to be cured somehow. Hence, my weekend of heavyish drinking, mini roadtrips, and impromptu "girl piles". Our first stop was Cheryl's wine barrell of dreams, though pictures from that event are few and far be-blurry.

Next up was Montreux, the "Swiss-ish Riviera-ish."

Apart from the general beachy resortfulness, there's not much to enjoy in Montreux. 

Our views were unfortunately clouded over.

And yes, I saw the Freddie Mercury statue, but there is no room for that kind of nonsense on this blog. (Ha!)

After a quiet night in and risotto with asparagus, Jana and I woke up earlyish the next morning, bid adieu to Cheryl, and biked our little butts over to Divonne.

Which is cute, and French, and hosts a fun Sunday market.

Ah, the fruits of our labours, our wonderful Frenchy brunch. Couer de Neufchatel, briny olives, figs and moutarde, est les poivres! Bien manger, woo hoo!

I guess to wrap it all up, I have to say my nostalgia has been temporarily cured. I am excited for what is to come in the next three months I am here, but just as excited to move to New York and start adventuring there. Hopefully before then I will be infinetely smarter, a 100% more graceful, and a much, much more careful bike rider.

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  1. hey gurl, your photos look great! makin me super jelzz